If you’re a hat lover, you’ll enjoy our selection of military type hats at Headquarters Company. You can choose from baseball style caps, beanie, boonie, and uniform hats to fit all age levels. They all come in a variety of colors and sizes from a mixture of different service branches.

Hats are an essential item to carry with you particularly when you plan on being outside for extended periods of time. One style of hat we think is pretty neat is the boonie hat. You can fold this hat or stuff it inside of your duffle or back pack without having to worry about ruining it. Plus, the extended flap that goes around the entire hat provides you with extra coverage from the sun.

The baseball type hats are popular with those who support our military men and women, retired military and other public services, such as fire fighters and law enforcement. Who doesn’t like a nice looking ball cap? Walk out with style while supporting those who protect our country and freedom every day.

We also carry camouflage hats that would be a great gift for your outdoorsman or outdoorswoman. Our hats allow your head to breath even while being protected from the outdoor elements.

Hats are Great:

  • Protect your head, face, ears and neck
  • Lessen the effect of light reflections
  • Keep your body heat in during the cooler seasons
  • Show support of your favorite military/public service branch