Dog Tags

Dog Tags

Dog tags are a way for the military, active duty status, Reservists, and the Coast Guard to identify those who have been injured or killed during combat. It serves the same purpose for all military men and women who are alive and well to ensure your identity matches with who you claim to be. However, now days, some family members choose to wear them as a fashion accessory.

Another use we have seen for dog tags is when a soldier is in a combat zone; their family member will have a message engraved on one. The family member will keep one of the tags and give the other to the military member as a reminder for safekeeping. We are equipped with the machinery to engrave legitimate dog tags as well as accessory dog tags.

If you have any questions regarding dog tags please give us a call or stop by to speak with one of us directly. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Dog Tag Engraving

  • For Identification Tags
  • Active Duty Military Members
  • Reservists & U.S. Coast Guard Members
  • Family Members of the Above (messages or fashion)