The BDU Pant, which stands for Battle Dress Uniform, was used by the United States Military and is the standard combat uniform. BDU Pants have been combat tested for decades; They have been made to US military specifications. They feature a comfortable, yet extremely durable poly/cotton material (available in Cotton Twill and Rip-Stop) with tons of utility pockets and additional tactical features that make these the ideal military style fatigue uniform for military and law enforcement professionals. Headquarters BDU Pants are available in typical OD green, Woodland, Woodland Digital, A.C.U. Digital, Tiger Stripe, Desert, and many more. We have various sizes and colors to choose from. If you’re looking for comfortable clothing for hunting, fishing, work or other outdoor endeavors the BDU would be your first choice.

BDU clothing is comfortable to wear throughout the day and during those great outside adventures. Additionally, the material is a little more durable than wearing just a plain cotton shirt and blue jeans. This type of material will help protect your skin against the brush and pickers you might encounter on the trails. Plus, depending on the type of BDU you select, it will help keep you a little warmer (because you can put layers underneath) or it will keep you cooler due to the nature of design.



•Durable material

•Different BDU patterns

•Various sizes in tops and bottoms